On June 18th, The Nashville Soccer club will host a Soccer Game Watch Party in North Nashville at Elizabeth Park. At the event, The Backline will announce the 1st ever Black-led Soccer Support Group of NSC. This soccer support group is established by Councilman Brandon Taylor, Eric Brown, Jr., Nadira Freeman, and Councilwoman Zulfat Suara. These four people were intentional in having progressive, predominantly black, multicultural, and gender-equitable leadership. Their purpose of this soccer support group was to create a Group of folks that support soccer and looks like the city of Nashville. With a diverse city with 4 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, 28% African American, the largest Kurdish community in the nation, and predicted to be a minority-majority city by 2040, it’s time to show the city is more than just its tourist attractions. The city should be seen as the communities that make up its greatness. It’s why it was so fitting to call the group, The Mixtape, Inc.

A mixtape is a compilation of favorite songs by different artists brought together by a particular medium that’s played out loud. A mixtape is shared with others to show love and care, but most importantly, to express what makes up a person or a group to continue forward. Nashville is the Music City. The name Music City was created and started by Black people. Specifically, the Fisk Jubilee Singers. It has continued because of Black people. The diverse communities, personalities, cultures, spirituality, and interest come together through soccer, to play the sweetest song for the world to hear… and it started in North Nashville. 

Welcome to the Mixtape, Inc. 
My Verse. 
Our Song. 
Nashville’s Soundtrack.

The Mixtape 615

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